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E-book: Usul al Fiqh: Methodology for Research and Knowledge in Islamic Jurisprudence PDF Print E-mail

drtahaThe science of Usul al Fiqh is rightly considered to be the most important method of research ever devised by Muslim Thought. Indeed, as the solid foundation upon which all the Islamic disciplines are based, Usul al Fiqh not only benefited Islamic civilization but contributed to the intellectual enrichment of world civilization as a whole. It will not be out of place to note here that the methods of analogical developed within the framework of Islamic jurisprudence constituted the methodological starting-point for the establishment and construction of empiricism, which in turn is considered to be the basis of contemporary civilization.

We present this brief work to all who are interested in gaining some knowledge of this science; and we ask Allah Ta'ala to help us benefit from what we learn, and to learn that which will benefit us, and to protect us from knowledge that is not beneficial, and from deeds that are not acceptable to Him. Wa Akhiru Da'wana an al Hamdu Lillah Rabb al 'Alamin! (All praise and thanksgiving belong to Allah, the Lord and Sustainer of all the worlds!)

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