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E-book: The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam PDF Print E-mail

The author, Dr. al `Alwani, regards this work as an essential element in the treatement of a grievous and widespread malady that is presently besetting the Muslim world. Indeed, this is the disease of discord and division that has arisen from a faulty understanding of the meaning of the ethical guidelines prescribed by Islam for its conduct.

In The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam Dr. al `Alwani sheds light on the positive aspects of disagreement and shows how the early generations of Muslims put it to use as a fecund and vitalizing facet of their society. In order to fashion a viable Muslim civilization, argues Dr. al `Alwani, Muslims must relearn the art and etiquette of agreeing to disagree and thus become more capable of dealing with potentially divisive situations and issues. More importantly, however, they must master the methods of making disagreement work for them, rather than against them.

The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam comes at a time of acute and painful divisions and conflicts in the Muslim world. It is hoped that it will contribute in some measure to a raising of consciousness of the paramount need for Muslim unity and solidarity.

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